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Gmail sign in, is a process of authenticating yourself into your Gmail account. While creating a Gmail account you will be asked to set username and password for your Google account. Here, we need to use or enter those username and password for login. If you don’t have a account with Google than you can follow the Gmail Sign up guide for new account. Whereas if you already have Gmail account then follow below steps to login into your account.

New Gmail Login – Google account Sign In

Gmail account holder can only perform Gmail login. You will be asked to enter security credentials to getting into your account.

  • Visit URL on your web browser then you will be landed on Gmail sign in page or if you are at Google home page, their at the top right corner you can see “Sign In” option in blue color just click on it then you will be taken to login page.
  • In the first step we need to enter Gmail username to Google let us in. Enter email username or phone number and click on “Next”. If the entered username is registered in Google database then Google will validate and allows us to further steps. If you forgot your email then click on “Forgot email?” to know the recovery options.
  • Enter your confidential password and click on “Next” to login into your account. While entering password do not disclose it to anyone else. Entered username and password matches then you will be taken to inbox page. As in case if you forgot your password then recover it by tapping on “Forgot password”.
  • Two-Factor authentication :If two-step authentication enabled for an account then an extra step added to the Gmail sign in process. After entering both security credentials and validated then an extra verification needed to be land on inbox page. In two-step authentication an OTP will be sent to the mobile number that has been linked with the Gmail account. The same OTP needs to entered to verify your presence then only login will be accepted and granted access to the Gmail.

After completion of your work with Gmail do not forget to sign out from your account. If you have signed in into your Gmail account on someone else computer and forgot to logout then they can access your emails easily. To know the Gmail Sign Out process follow Gmail logout guide.

Frequently asked questions on Gmail sign in

  • Can I login into Gmail on multiple devices?
    • Yes, you can login into Gmail on several devices without interruption.
  • What if I forgot Gmail Username and Password?
    • You can recover your Gmail username and password through available recovery options.
  • What if someone knows my sign in credentials?
    • Reset your Gmail password as soon as you know that someone knew your password.

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